Welcome to the Sgioba blog
Published : 10th April 2020

Welcome to the Sgioba blog

Find out useful tips and tricks to get more from Sgioba.

Over the coming weeks we hope to fill this space with useful news, tip and trick on how to gain the most from Sgiob and counselling online.

The world is a changing place and everyday we have new challenges to face.  The latest of these is the COVID-19 pandemic.  Changing the way we work, interact and socialise with everyone on the whole planet.

It is not just this that is changing.  The way in which we provide counselling is changing too.  The youger generation are becoming more technically dependent.  Video conferencing, scial media platforms and a whole load of internet enabled facilities are having a daily effect.

Sgioba is actively trying to engage with this new ethos of online counselling and interaction.  From this we are actively persuing ways with which, to allow the therapist access to a new client base using the internet as a medium.

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  • Online registration and consent
  • Working from home
  • Nomination of a secondary counseller
The above are just some of the articles we will create to help you, help your client.

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Welcome to the Sgioba blog
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